Covid-19 Measures

Here are some of the measures and guidelines we are using to keep you and our staff safe:

Commonly-touched surfaces are wiped down many times a day. Our goal is to get you in and out of the building, having never touched anything but your dog and your leash.

Masks must be worn while within the training facility

We are not currently accepting cash, payments must be made by credit or debit on-site or in advance. We are doing our best to ensure ready access to hand sanitizer, but we can guarantee easy access to soap and water.

Washroom has been designated Staff Only – please plan ahead!

Waiting room has been closed.

When you arrive for your scheduled class, please wait in the parking lot. The instructor will come and get you when we are ready for you.

Only one human per dog, please.

Avoid touching surfaces, such as gates, jumps, etc.

Bring a personal bowl and water for your dog

Maintain 2m separation from classmates at all times

NO food or drink the training hall (you’d have to unmask to imbibe, not permitted)

This is a tough one – but do not touch any other dogs in your class.