Tracking I

On track!The nose knows!

Tracking dogs are trained to find a person by following the scent left behind in that person’s footprints. Tracking training develops trust, communication, and a deeper relationship between dog and owner, as the handler must learn to read and rely upon his dog. This course is designed to prepare dog and handler teams to compete for the CKC tracking title (TD).

We are currently loading this course from our wait list.   General registration will open August 22nd, or once we have heard back from all people on our wait list, should spaces remain.

Age:    4 months+

Vaccinations:   DHPP + Rabies

Pre-requisites:   None

Course Format:   1 x 60 minute theory lecture + 5 x 90 minute classes, weekly

Equipment:  Non-restrictive tracking harness, 20′ tracking lead

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