SAR Camp

Best Friends is pleased to offer a 3-day camp for the rookie K9 SAR dog handler.


This camp is an intense introduction to SAR, intended for dog handlers developing and working their first SAR dog.   With an emphasis on practical training exercises, teams will be challenged to progress in accordance with the Ontario/OSARVA/OPP standard for civilian SAR dogs, in obedience, agility, tracking, area search and article search

Under the guidance and instruction of experienced, certified dog handlers and instructors, this course will provide students with a head start towards themselves becoming certified dog handlers.  Be prepared for long days, sweat and bug bites, bruises and a deep sleep at the end of the day!

199_14252652951_9154_nCamp is open to any dog and handler, whether Ontario based or from away.   Camp is open to individuals interested in learning more about the world of K9 SAR.   Camp syllabus is geared towards the novice to intermediate SAR dog – these dog teams will benefit most.  Students who are members of an OSARVA Search and Rescue team are eligible for a reduced course fee (proof of membership must be provided).


SAR Camp July 2016:   We are very pleased to have secured access to a fabulous training venue for this camp, the Gallipeau Centre  in Smith’s Falls, Ontario.   Smith’s Falls is approximately 1 hour SW of Ottawa.  The Gallipeau Centre has a range of varying terrain, perfect for our K9 training objectives, as well as an on-site classroom and comfort facilities for the students, courtesy of Rideau SAR.

New for July 2016:   1-day Human Remains Detection Camp add-on on July 18th.  Add an extra day into your camp to learn more about how to train a cadaver detection dog.    From odour imprinting to indication training to search strategies, we will get you started in this specialty right!    Maximum of 8 participants.

Fee:   $275/dog team, $250 for OSARVA members , $100 for observers.   HRD day, $100.


SAR Camp Aug 2016 TBD……:    Due to the overwhelming popularity of our SAR Camp, we are pleased to be able to offer a second SAR camp in 2015.   Unlike the July camp, the August camp will take place in assorted training locations around the Ottawa area:  Ottawa, Orleans, Wakefield (Que) and Limoges.  We will start at Best Friends, 2413-7 Stevenage Drive, Ottawa on Day 1, break up into groups and head out to appropriate training sites from here.     The Day 3 training sites will be in the immediate Ottawa area, locations TBD based on training needs and objectives.

Fee: $275/dog team, $250 for OSARVA members, $100 for observers.


Camp fees includes instruction only.  Lodging, meals must be arranged by the student.



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SAR Camp

July 15-17, 2016

Registration opens April 24th at 9:00am

***All working slots have been taken, only observer slots (no dogs) remain available***

Price: C$100.00

Date: Friday, July 15, 2016

Gallipeau Centre
361 Queen Street
Smith's Falls, Ont Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 10

Human Remains Detection (HRD) Camp

July 18th, 2016.

All participant spots are gone, only observer spots remain available (i.e. no dog!)

Price: C$60.00

Date: Monday, July 18, 2016

Gallipeau Centre
361 Queen Street
Smith's Falls, Ont Map and Directions

Available Spaces: 5