Sport Scent Detection

SDD is an exciting new sport for dogs. Borrowing on techniques and methodologies employed by narcotics and explosive detection dogs, SDD allows pet dogs and handlers to develop those same scent detection skills. Dogs are taught to locate and indicate perfectly safe (and legal!) odours, such as wintergreen or thyme. Handlers are taught how to conduct searches of buildings, outdoor areas, vehicles, etc. Dogs can even earn SDD titles through competition with the SDDA. Lots of fun for any dog!


Age:    6 months+

Vaccinations:   DHPP + Rabies

Pre-requisites:   Beginner’s Obedience

Course Format:   6 x 60-minute classes, weekly



Age:    8 months+

Vaccinations:   DHPP + Rabies

Pre-requisites:   CNW 1

Course Format:   6 x 60-minute classes, weekly

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