Agility Fundamentals

Teach your dog to dash around an obstacle course! Tunnels, see-saws, jumps and A-frames are just some of the things they’ll learn to navigate. A must for the fun-loving dog and handler team. In this level, dogs are introduced to all the core agility equipment, with the exception of the weave poles.   In addition to fun on the equipment, essential skills such as the Two-On, Two-Off contact position, start line stay, fold back Down, shadow handling and the front cross are introduced.

Age:   Minimum 6 months (breed size is relevant, please ask if you have a large breed dog)

Vaccinations:   DHPP + Rabies

Pre-requisite:   Beginner Obedience

Course Format:   6 x 1-hour classes, weekly

Price:   $125 + HST

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