Agility is one of the most popular dog sports in North America.  Here in Ottawa, you can find agility trials held year round, within an hour’s drive.  Agility is an obstacle course for dogs.  Dogs learn to take jumps and tunnels, climb a-frames and dogwalks, even slalom their way through a set of weave poles.  Fast and furious, this sport combines all the fun of a wild romp in the woods with all the control of highly trained obedience dogs.  Dogs must take their cues from the handlers, so that they tackle the obstacles in the correct sequence.  It’s a perfect sport for perfecting off-leash control in a young, enthusiastic pup, as you work with their energy, not against it.

Best Friends is able to offer agility classes 12 months out of the year.  During the winter months (Nov-Apr), classes are held indoors at our 4000 s.f. rubber-matted training hall on Stevenage Drive.  In the warmer season (May-Oct), we move outdoors to our fenced training field in Orleans, with one of the most scenic vantage points in the whole city.