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Introduction to Impulse Control


Do you have a “naughty dog”? Does your dogImage result for bad steal dog food steal food off the table/out of the garbage, grab things out of your hand, leash pull on walks, jump up on strangers, or have any other naughty dog habits that just drive you crazy!?

Dogs are creatures of opportunity, and it is normal for them to see something they want and to just take it! The more they take, the more they win; becoming a vicious circle of naughty dog behaviours that no amount of “correction” seems to be able to fix.

Impulse Control training begins with a simple game called “It’s Yer Choice”, an exciting and engaging training game that teaches our dogs about the power of PERMISSION! In this workshop we will show you to the six introductory Impulse Control games that will show your dog how to stop being a “naughty dog” and to start making better choices – the choices us owners want them to make! These six games can all be applied directly to challenging training situations you and your dog currently have at home, and out and about in the community.

Note: Attendees that become successful at these six introductory games are encouraged to then register for “Impulse Control for Dog Sport”. That workshop will continue to advance the first six games in ways that will further build the dogs understanding of impulse control.

Working Spots:

Audit Spots (observer, no dog): 6

Crates are MANDATORY – no exceptions!   Dogs MUST be people and dog “friendly”.

Things to Bring:

Pens and notepad (handouts will not be provided)Comfortable chair
Variety of dog treats (low value, high value, and super high value)
High value and low value tug toys
6’ Dog leash and flat buckle collar
**Please wear comfortable clothes and running type shoes

Prerequisites for working spot: 2 x DHPP, 12+ weeks of age, people/dog friendly dog

Prerequisites for auditors: None

Format: 1 evening, 2 - 2.5 hours in length

Price:  Working Spot, $45;  Auditor, $25

Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

Date: Friday, April 19, 2019

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