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Winter Agility Handling


Winter is here, and the agility equipment is away until Spring. That is no excuse to put your dogs agility training on hold! This workshop will be all about advancing you and your dogs handling skills from the comfort of your home, and only using “equipment” you already have, or that can be made with items from the dollar store!

This workshop will focus heavily on handling skills for agility (beginner through masters level skills) but also skills for mastering tricky tunnel entrances and exits, proofing verbal cues, improving listening skills for obstacle discrimination, start line performance, table and stopped contact performance, and proofing all those agility skills through high level distractions. All this will be done with absolutely no official agility equipment.

This workshop is most appropriate for dogs over the age of 12 months, however, some exercises can be modified to accommodate the physical limitations of younger dogs and puppies. Owners should be aware that younger dogs and puppies may not be able to participate in every exercise presented during the workshop.

It is very highly recommended – but not required – that owners attend the first two workshops in this series “Impulse Control” and “Crate Games”. The skills presented in these two workshops will be used and referenced during this workshop.

Course Requirements:

Pens and notepad (handouts will not be provided)
Appropriately secure dog crate - no exceptions!
Variety of dog treats (low value, high value, and super high value)
High value and low value tug toys
6’ Dog leash and flat buckle collar
**Please wear comfortable clothes and running type shoeWinter Agility Handling

Size: 8 working spots, 8 audit spots

Prerequisites for working spot: 3 x DHPP + rabies, 6+ months of age, people/dog friendly dog

Prerequisites for auditors: None

Format: 1 evening, 2 - 2.5 hours in length

Price:   Working spot, $30 ;  Auditor, $15

Start Time: 6:30 pm
End Time: 9:00 pm

Date: Saturday, February 3, 2018

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