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Crate Games for Dog Sports (Pet Dogs too!)


Teaching your dog “Crate Games” – a training tool developed by Canadian and International Agility Champion, Susan Garrett - is not about teaching your dog to like being in their crate (that is great side effect though). It is a great training game that can be used to train many behaviours across many dog sports – the list is as endless as your imagination.

Crate Games is all about teaching your dog specific performance expectations away from the training and competition ring. Training away from the ring allows the dog the opportunity to not only learn in a very controlled environment - when we control the environment, we can increase or decrease distraction level, which will also allow us to control when our dog can be successful and earn a reward; or fail, but learn from that failure in a manner that will increase understanding and actually build drive.

While Crate Games was originally developed for dogs in agility, it doesn’t end there. The foundations of Crate Games are universal and apply to all dogs in all dog sports, or even pet dogs in home environments. How we grow the games – and even create our own new games – helps our dogs not only understand performance criteria in their favourite sports, but also build joy and excitement for the game – and their handler!

This workshop is for dogs that are not familiar, or somewhat familiar with Crate Games. Please note, dogs will advance through the stages of Crate Games at different rates. While all dogs may not be ready to participate in all exercises presented, all dogs will receive equal working time.

It is recommended – but not required - that owners attend the first workshop in this series “Impulse Control”. It will also provide an excellent head start on the next workshop in the series “Winter Agility Handling Indoors.

IMPORTANT: If your dog is afraid of their crate, then please bring a bath mat or dog bed that will fit easily inside the dog crate you wish to use for crate games.

Course Requirements:

Pens and notepad (handouts will not be provided)

Dog crate – appropriately sized hard plastic or wire crate (no soft crates)!
If required – bath mat of dog bed
Comfortable chair
Variety of dog treats (low value, high value, and super high value)
High value and low value tug toys
6’ Dog leash and flat buckle collar
**Please wear comfortable clothes and running type shoes

Size: 8 working spots, 8 audit spots

Prerequisites for working spot: 2 x DHPP, 12+ weeks of age, people/dog friendly dog

Prerequisites for auditors: None

Format: 1 evening, 2 - 2.5 hours in length

Price:  Working Spot, $30;  Auditor, $15

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.