Professional Dog Trainer’s Program

Our professional dog trainer’s program has been developed with extreme thoughtfulness and care.   Becoming a dog trainer is more than just following a course, and writing an exam.  It involves mastery of the science of dog training, and detailed knowledge of how dogs learn.   It also demands that the trainer have the ability to apply that knowledge practically and effectively to a wide range of dogs and owners.  To call oneself a dog trainer, one needs both technical knowledge and hands-on experience.   Our program strives to give you exactly this combination.

Our program consists of 4 separate units of study:

  • Unit 1 – Dog Training Foundations (32 hours)                    $600 + HST
  • Unit 2 – Instructional Techniques (34 hours)                       $500 + HST
  • Unit 3 – Advanced Trainer Skills (36 hours)                         $500 + HST
  • Unit 4 – Behavioural Modification (17 hours)                      $300 + HST

The program begins twice per year, in November and January.   Unit 1 requires a commitment of 4 full days, typically 4 consecutive Fridays, 8am – 5pm.    Units 2-4 are scheduled in consultation with students, with most classes and practical assignments being held on Friday evenings or over the weekend.

Read more about our program here.


Unit 3 - Advanced Trainer Skills

6 x 4hr classroom/practical sessions in assorted training specialties, plus a mandatory 12 hrs observing and/or assisting in various training activities for professional development.

Sat Mar 18, 6:15pm FLYBALL
Sun Mar 19, 6:00pm AGILITY

Sun Apr 9, 6:00pm SERVICE/THERAPY

Sat, Apr 29, 9:00am SCENT
Sun, Apr 30, 1:00pm OBEDIENCE

Price: C$565.00

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017

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